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For dizziness and vestibular diseases

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness caused by disorders of the vestibular system.
This complex system includes the parts of the brain and the inner ear that are responsible for eye motor function and balance control. Often this dizziness is recognized late and not treated correctly. Frequent diseases of the vestibular system include benign paroxysmal dizziness (BPLS), vestibular neuritis or Morbus Ménière.

Treatment of vestibular dizziness and balance disorders

Once you have been diagnosed by a specialist doctor, you can visit our practice and make an appointment.
Together with our qualified therapists, we will find an individual solution for you to treat your underlying disease and your balance disorder.
If the vestibular organ is weak, it is important to train the brain and its connections so that it is possible to compensate for the diminished function.
This training is created from complex movements of the eyes, head and the whole body.
An accident, a blow to the head or diseases of the inner ear cause ear stones to move from their original position into the archways of the organ of equilibrium. There, the crystals move back and forth with every movement of the head. The brain then receives false signals that lead to dizziness.
For the treatment of positional vertigo we use special liberation maneuvers to correct the position of the small stones or crystals (otoliths or statoliths). The brain in turn processes these signals and the orientation in space is perfect.