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Deep relaxation with natural stones

Rest and relaxation are a rare luxury in our modern times. With a hot stone massage, you can escape the stress. Grant yourself a holiday for the soul. This special massage treatment has several positive effects on the vegetative nervous system - on one hand it is soothing and balancing, on the other it is stimulating and vitalizing. The use of warm and cold stones allows the harmonization of different stress states and provides additional impulses for free energy flow during treatment.
(prevention courses in accordance with § 20 SGB V)

Our 10-week Kurbad prevention program (subsidized by your health insurance) is an excellent opportunity to start a health training with a lasting effect.

The well-balanced combination of equipment training and functional exercises makes your training relaxing and effective. One of our experienced therapists will always be with you for direct assistance or advice when working with equipment.

The training is designed for 3-6 participants, it takes 60 minutes and its costs are covered up to 80% by your public health insurance. At the end of the course, you will receive a confirmation of participation which you can submit to your public health insurer for reimbursement.
Foot reflexology is a holistic method by which the treatment of the feet has a positive effect on the whole body. Every part of our body reflects in certain zones on our feet. The focus of this form of therapy is specific stimulation of these reflex zones. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of circulatory problems, digestive disorders, headaches, rheumatic diseases and tension.
Slack Nut® Senso trains your motor control and all important muscle groups of your body. Legs, torso, arms… all muscle fibres are intensively innervated and optimally balanced.

Your gain:
- Improved equilibrium
- Increased strength
- Compensation of muscular imbalances
- Neurophysiological adaptations and biochemical stimulation
- Reduced risk of injury
- Optimized back stabilization
Whether you want to tackle your health problems, reach your personal athletic training goals or simply want to train under professional guidance, we will be by your side for advice and motivation.

Health problems, lack of exercise, lack of time, stress or lack of motivation? Do you suffer from back pain, tensions or recurring injuries and ailments? Do you feel uncomfortable and unbalanced or want to lose weight? Or do you just want individual training to reach your goals even more effectively? The Kurbad will help you with close professional assistance. After an extensive review, our highly-qualified physiotherapists will put together your individual training and therapy plan.Our range of services includes functional training aspects, physiotherapeutic and preventative treatments focussing on your needs.