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In general physiotherapy, passive and active treatment techniques such as mobilisation, respiratory therapy as well as strength and coordination exercises are used in all areas of medicine for the treatment of diseases that can be conservatively influenced. If you need assistance after an accident or illness, if you need orthopedically indicated treatment, or if you prefer personal assistance in sports: We offer you a wide range of neurological, physiotherapeutic, and orthopaedic-physiological therapies.

- General Physiotherapy (KG)
- Bobath Treatment / NDT for Adults (CNS Bobath)
- Physiotherapy with Equipment (KGG)
- Manual Therapy (MT)
- Osteopathic Treatment
- Craniosacral Therapy
- Craniomandibular Treatment (CMD)
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
- Classical Massage Therapy (KMT)
- Connective Tissue Massage
- Heat Therapy (fango)
- Foot Reflexology
- Personal Physio (individual care)
- Outpatient Rehabilitation
- Workplace Health Promotion
- Standardised Treatment Combination (D1)
- Medical Training Therapy (MTT)
- Sports Physiotherapy
- Computer-assisted Performance Diagnostics
- Galileo Therapy
- Electrotherapy/Ultrasound Therapy (ET/WT)
- Suspension Training Therapy
- Marnitz Therapy / Key Zone Massage
- Myofascial Therapy (FDM Fascial Distortion Model)
- Shiatsu
- Dorn Spinal Therapy
- Kinesio Taping
- Natural Moor Mud Packs (single-use packs) (P)
- Heat Therapy (WT)
- Paraffin Bath Treatment
- Home Visits (HB)
- Preventative Back Training with Equipment (approved by all health insurance providers)
- Medical Training Therapy
- Suspension Training Therapy
- Running Training for Beginners
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