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Opening Hours:
Mo - Thur 7:30am – 8:00pm and Fri 7:30am – 6:00pm

The well-balanced combination of equipment training and functional exercises makes your training relaxing and effective. One of our experienced therapists will always be with you for direct assistance or advice when working with equipment.

With our Pilates training you prevent postural defects and back problems. The body centre is efficiently strengthened through training of the deep abdominal and back muscles as well as the pelvic floor and shoulder blade muscles. Thus, you build a natural strength belt, shortened muscles are stretched. Section by section, you mobilize your spine, making it more flexible and agile. This way you train your perception for a physiologically “healthy” body posture.

Current course dates

Spinal gymnastics:  We. 18.00-19.00h

Pilates:  We.19.00-20.00h and Fr.09.00-10.00h

Preventative Back Training with Equipment:  Fr.09.00-10.00h

Our training program includes:

  • equipment training
  • coordination exercises
  • functional gymnastics
  • stretching / mobilisation
  • endurance elements

The training is designed for 3-6 participants, it takes 60 minutes.

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