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Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy VRT

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy deals with the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo caused by disorders of the vestibular system.

This complex system includes the parts of the brain and inner ear responsible for eye motor function and balance control. This vertigo is often recognized late and not treated correctly. Frequently occurring diseases of the vestibular system are, for example, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), vestibular neuritis or Meniere’s disease.


Home office – tips for dynamic working from home

Here we have a few tips for you on how you can set up your workplace at home or in the office. This will relieve your back and joints so that you can get through the working day more productively and then still have energy for other nice things. Stay healthy and remember to drink enough water.


In-house training

Our osteopath and physiotherapist Maria Hartmann introduced our team to the topic of therapy localization in Applied Kinesiology as part of an internal training course.


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